This is a list of some of my client dogs that have earned their Championships
through 2008.
CH "Ace"
~ Female, German Shorthaired Pointer
CH "Luke"
~ Male, German Shorthaired Pointer
~ Finished in just 5 months of limited showing
CH "Frankie"
~Male, German Shorthaired Pointer
CH "Uno"
~Female, German Shorthaired Pointer
~Finished with 3 Majors
Sporting Group:
Herding Group:
CH Somercrest's Gone With the Wind CGC
~ Red Merle Female, Australian Shepherd
~ Alyssa handled once to put her last two AKC points on her
~ Owned by Cassandra Reasor
CH Gallery's Shawnkara Masterpiece
~ Red Merle Male, Australian Shepherd
~ Alyssa handled once to put his last two AKC points on him
by going WD, BOW & BOB over specials
~ Owned by Don & Cindy Carte
CH Classique's All That
~ Tawny Female, Briard
~ Finished in seven days of showing with 2 RWB to Majors &
5 three point Majors!
~Owned by Kathy Lanam & Penny Morris
CH "Skeeter"
~Female, German Shorthaired Pointer
~Finished at 10 months of age
~Multiple BOB wins from the classes, over specials
CH "Piper"
~Female, German Shorthaired Pointer
~Finished in 8 days of showing
~Finished with 3 Majors
Working Group:
CH Sailaway Island Rebel
~Black Male, Portuguese Water Dog
~Finished in 7 days of Showing
~BOB winner from the classes, over specials
~Finished with 3 Majors, including a 5 pt. Major
~Owned by Ellen & David Cousins
Toy Group:
CH Timline's Gateway To The West
~Red Male, Miniature Pinscher
~Owned by Ann Rosenbaum
CH. Classique's All That - Briard
CH Classique's All That - Briard
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CH Truman's Run-A-Muck
~Fawn Male, Pug
~Alyssa handled him to 7 pts including a Major
~Owned by Jennifer & Michael Sandell
CH Run-A-Muck's Carry Oh
~Fawn Male, Pug
~Alyssa handled to a 4 & 5 pt. Major
~Owned by Maryanne Johnson - Run A Muck Pugs
CH "Jazz"
~Female, German Shorthaired Pointer
~Major Pointed from the Puppy Classes
CH Run-A-Muck's Carry Oh - Pug
CH Bearstream Am Bernard
~Black Male, Flat-Coated Retriever
~5 pt. Major at a Supported Entry
~Owner by Karen Booth & Paddy Engen
CH Rowansgaard Airborne En Bateau
~Black Male, Flat-Coated Retriever
~Alyssa handled to 1 major & 2 singles
~Owners Paul & Michele Jonas -Heirborn
CH Enchante's Bali Hai
~ Tawny Female, Briard
~ Multiple BOB wins from the classes
~ Three 4 pt.  Majors
~ Owned by Beth Freeman - Be Free Briards
CH Sailaway Island Rebel - Portuguese Water Dog
CH Bearstream Am Bernard - Flat-Coated Retriever
CH Praia Norte Agua Julius
~Black Male, Portuguese Water Dog
~Finished in 10 days of showing with 3 Majors including     
back-to-back 4 pt. Majors!
~Owned by Beryl Nord
CH. Ava Ruby of Praia Norte
~Black Female, Portuguese Water Dog
~Alyssa showed 5 days & won 9 pts including both Majors to
finish her!
~Owned by Julie Quanrud & Beryl Nord