Hand Braided & Beaded Show Leashes

Currently we offer a selection of Braided Kangaroo Leather & Nylon
show leads that feature several bead clusters.  The Nylon leads are
more affordable, durable &, we think, just as beautiful as the
Kangaroo leashes.  But if Leather is your style we can offer that option
as well.  Our Leather leashes are braided with one or two 80 lb. cores
for strength & we also try to braid under the bead settings as well,
this will keep your leash looking great even if there is some stretch
over time.  Bead settings on all leads also have knots at either end to
keep them in place.  Please check in often for new designs!

We also accept custom orders! If you have an idea, just drop us an

The leashes pictured are available for purchase. Some leashes are
open-ended as to give the option of adding a Metal Snap Hook or a
Loop end, it is your choice. Loop ends are no extra cost.  If you prefer
to have a Snap added we have Silver & Gold Snaps available for an
extra $1.00.  Shipping is available for an extra $2 in the continental US.

Please contact us with any questions or if interested in purchasing.

Rust & Golden Satin Nylon- 39 inches
Gold faceted focal bead accented with gold stardust,
clear rhinestones & Sandstone beads. Very Rich!
Open-Ended, You choose Snap or Loop.
$15 + $2 Shipping, if needed.
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Braided Show Leashes & Vintage Inspired Jewelry

~ The Dogs of Valor Kennel ~
Jester  .  Bella  .  Silas
~Bred By & Co Owned Dogs~
Hula  .  Blue
~Dogs of Our Past~
Tache  .  Lily  .  Rush
Vintage Inspired Jewelry!

Accessories for your dog show wardrobe as well. Looks beautiful in the ring!
Below are some of the pieces we currently have available.
Bermuda Blue Glass Jewel Collar Necklace
Beautiful Brass Necklace featuring a stunning Bermuda Blue
Faceted Glass Jewel on layers of brass filigree. Five flowers
embellished with blue, topaz & clear Swarovski crystals. The
center stone sparkles with flashes of deep blue to violet & gold.
Vitrail Glass Jewel Headband
Brass Headband with amazing Medium Vitrail Glass Jewels. Medium Vitrail
glitters green, pink, purple, blue and gold... brilliant rainbow effect.
Center stone is faceted & has lots of spark. The two side stones have a
matte finish. Two brass butterflys embellished with topaz & light green
rhinestones layered on top of the filigree setting. Feature is approximately
3 inches long. Very Victorian / Art Nouveau style.
Titanium Druzy Agate Belt Buckle
Brass Belt Buckle with a Natural Agate Titanium coated Druzy stone that
flashes violet, deep blue & gold . Meridian Blue Swarovski rhinestones set
in the middle of brass flowers. Very unique...stunning when it sparkles in
the sun. Buckle is approx 3 in long & 2 1/2 in wide.
RESCO Style - Plum, light Metallic Yellow & White with Gold Nylon - 28 inches
The collar is 20 inches around with a metal hoop to adjust, it holds snug.
Leash length without collar is 28 inches. Gold faceted glass focal bead. Two
square purple & gold metallic swirl beads with gold accents.
$15 + $2 Shipping, if needed
Check out our SOLD Gallery
Get ideas for a custom leash!
Available Leashes
Tan, Forest & Black Nylon Show Lead. 48 inches. 3 bead settings. Large Amber Glass Focal
bead with dark blue, red & green swirls. Silver & Dark Brown & Black swirled accents.
$14 + $2 shipping if needed.
Snap can be added for $1 or no charge for Loop end, you pick.
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